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Some of the 50+ Testimonials on Alignable

Serita Stevens/ Nursing The Evidence

“She cares about helping others”

Rick James/ Denver Pictures

“I can not say enough for Nancy’s loyalty to her clients. She really knows the business inside and…”

Karen F Chambre / Karen LCSW Chambre Psy. D. candidate

“Nancy Fulton has helped many of my clients in the entertainment industry. I highly recommend her …”

Lee Forgang / Knight Quest Entertainment

“Nancy presents an incredible portfolio of materials on the Entertainment Industry through videos,…”

Marla Simone

“Nancy consistently educates and inspires. “


“Nancy Fulton is unbelievable. She is an accomplished filmmaker, writer, producer and she is willing to teach everyone what she knows…”

Anna Koukouli / LiLifornia Diaries Productions

“Nancy is a true champion of people!! Independent filming writers, directors, producers …”

J’aime Sirgany (Scantlen) / Creative Counseling

“Nancy is skilled, quick minded and highly motivated…”

Lyle Royer / MD’s MAD MONEY Inc.

“She knows as much about producing as anyone. And a very helpful lady.”

Gloria Jaroff / Gloria Jaroff Design AIA

“Nancy is very supportive and consistently provides both information and valuable connections …”

Masashi Nagadoi /

“I took her seminars several times. All those were worth 5 stars. Not only she is brilliant and knowledgable…”

Kelly Desarla / Self Employed, Actress

“I have taken one of Nancy’s online marketing seminars and it was fantastic. She’s terrific!”

Gabby Tary / Tary Arts

“If you want to be a filmmaker then going to Nancy Fulton’s events is a must …”

Paul Levine / Paul S Levine Attorney At Law & Literary Agent

“The best at running networking and educational events!

Nicky Shane / Nicky Shane Arts

“Organized, focused, experienced and understand the workload of putting together a promotional package …”

MeeRa Kim / Arbor Entertainment

“Nancy’s events are overflowing with practical, logical information and tools that can be utilized…”