Selling & Pre-Selling Films at AFM & Other Film Markets + Alternate Independent Distribution Strategies for Indie Films featuring Producer Ilyssa Goodman

Independent Filmmakers selling and pre-selling films to distributors at film markets should watch How to Sell & Pre-Sell Your Film at AFM which is an interview with Producer and Distribution Strategist at Ilyssa Goodman.  

Click this link to watch the video now:

This interview covers:

  • What the Buyers at the Market are Actually Looking For
  • Budgets, Production Values, Key Cast and Other Characteristics That Matter to Buyers
  • The Materials and Strategies Required to Effect a Sale
  • Pre-Selling a Film During Development, Pre-Production, Production & Post
  • What to Do if Your Film Doesn’t Sell at AFM
  • The Changing Film Distribution Landscape & “Guaranteed Film Distribution”
  • How Independent or Direct Distribution Works and What it Requires

Ilyssa Goodman is a senior level entertainment executive as well as an accomplished Motion Picture Director, Creator, Producer and Sales Agent with substantial experience in the film and television industries including development, production, marketing, acquisitions and worldwide distribution with an expertise in digital distribution platforms.

Her experience includes: Motion Picture & Television Producer: Warner Bros. / Fox / ABC Family / E!; VP Distribution: RGH Entertainment; Production / Development Consultant: Animal Planet; Co-Production / Business Development: SaskFilm; Director of Development: Bonneville Producers Group; Director of Development: Universal Studios; Acquisitions Coordinator: Miramax Films

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