Meetup Groups

I launched my first meetup group in 2009 and ran 5-6 meetups a year as a way to connect with other creative pros who shared my interests. In 2015 I began running several meetups a month and occasionally rescuing groups other moderators had abandoned. I spent many years as an instructor for UCLA, the Art Institute and other schools, and many years creating media of all kinds for magazines, book publishers, fortune 100 companies, etc.  While I always creative projects I’m actively producing, I love to help fellow creatives succeed at doing what they love for a living. We really are stronger together.

If you click the links below you’ll see I have hundreds of 5-star reviews from the folks I support and I run events for thousands of members. The best way to see what I’ve done in the past and to get a heads up on what’s coming up soon is to follow me on Some of my events are free, some cost $20, almost all come with supporting workbooks and videos. You can get them all by becoming a VIP Member.

Hollywood Entertainment Industry Events

Film Funding Club

Music / Film & Television

Santa Monica Writers & Screenwriters

Santa Monica Actors

Creative Express

Santa Monica Creative Entrepreneurs

Startup Accelerator

Production/Post Production Meetup

Producers Collective Meetup

Get Work in Hollywood

Film Industry Meetup

Production Company Startup

Aspiring Filmmaker

Independent Film Group

Active Film & TV Producers

Unity & Unreal Engine Pros in the Film/TV & Gaming

Applied Psychology for Creatives