Media Marketing & Distribution Delivery Expert: Steve Miller

Many of the experts I’ve interviewed have offered to make themselves available to my members to provide support and advice.  None work for free but their consulting rates are reasonable and they will respond to short, polite, emails asking for advice and rates.  Always provide your phone number.  I get no compensation of any kind for providing referrals. Always remember that the entertainment industry is a very small town and people remember you and how you behave.  So it’s always in your business interest to be polite, professional, well-informed. Remember you can always email if you run into any trouble. 

Steve Miller, CEO of Strategic Media (

Steve Miller ( started his career working for distributors handling the delivery of media and marketing content worldwide. After many years he moved into media marketing, creating the trailers and other tools used to promote films before, during and after production.

Media marketing is key to ensuring the films you produce will actually sell. Trailers, print media, posters and other content must meet specific stringent requirements if you want to sell your work worldwide.

When you sign a distribution agreement, you are signing a contract to give distributors what they need to deliver your film to buyers worldwide, and you are also signing an agreement to give them the materials buyers need to market your film. This means that signing a distribution agreement can be very costly. You need to know what distributors expect to see from filmmakers when they agree to distribute a film and how deliverables vary based on film budget, target market, and distributor. You also need to know how to find and work with a good post production supervisor expert to create the right budgets. Although Steve does not provide distribution delivery services, he is available to consult on these topics.