Entertainment Industry Events Expert List

Helpful Experts

I don’t get a kickback from recommending these people and organizations. I just like them.  Remember that you must vet everyone you work with and every service you hire carefully to ensure they will meet the needs of your cast, crew, and projects.  Use of these resources is entirely at your own risk. 

Development, Production & Rights Sales Support

  • Christina Jo’Leigh : Expert Line Producer & Production Advisor:
  • Patrick G. Ingram: Expert Executive Producer for Funding, Casting, Production & Distribution
  • RightsTrade: Sell Your Film or TV Episodes in 170+ Countries
  • Distribber.com: Sell Your Film to Hulu, Netflix, Cable Pay Per View, etc.
  • Steve Miller: Film Marketing & Deliverables Advisor
  • Jonathan Harris: Ghost Writer & Script Doctor
  • WeScreenplay: Great Screenplay Coverage that is Cost Effective and Provides Bios on Each Reviewer
  • FilmFundingLA: Personal & Corporate Credit Services & SBA Loans to Purchase Production & Post Production Facilities (occasionally sponsors events)

Film Analytics & Forecast Services

Entertainment Lawyers & Expert Casting Services

Production Insurance

  • www.FracturedAtlas.com Cost Effective E & O insurance, Workers Comp, General Liability, etc (minimum required for SAG casting) Suitable for Low Budget & Ultra Low Budget Projects
  • Rowin Insurance Offering full production insurance which covers everything from delays caused by bad weather, illness or death of key actor or crew, as well as completion bonds.