Entertainment Industry Events Expert List

Helpful Experts

These are all people I’ve worked, or services I’ve vetted.  That said, you must do due diligence on everyone you choose to work with to produce, release, and market your work. 

Employment Services (Combined Payroll & Workers Comp)

Castifi.com lets you pay your cast and your crew legally while giving them all workers comp coverage which protects your personal assets if they get hurt while working for you. It gives those you hire many important benefits. The IRS and State Government say people working on your set are employees. To be called “volunteers”, “interns”, or “1099 contractors” they must meet very specific requirements.  Using Castifi is straightforward and inexpensive. To learn about hiring and paying people with Castifi.com watch this video or contact them via their website.

Product Placement & Brand Integration

Producer Patti Pelton helps people find products, services, locations, and other elements necessary for production through product placement deals. Patti can also help you build brand integration deals that generate revenue for your project.


RadioGuestList: If you are looking to get booked on radio shows and internet radio shows, sign up with these guys.  You’ll get lots of requests.


  • Paul S. Levine: Literary Agent (Books Only) / Entertainment Attorney / Book Licensing for Film Expert / Exceptional Expertise in Graphic Novels & Comic Books
  • Marc Pariser: Literary Agent formerly with CAA, ICM, William Morris, etc.  Now consults with and mentors writers, actors, and others to help them find and work well with exactly the right representation.

Lawyers: Company Formation, Securities/Investment, Tax Law, Entertainment Law

  • Justin Sterling : Entertainment Attorney & Litigator, Contract Disputes, etc.
  • Christopher L. Perez, Partner chris@DonaldsonCallif.com (310 277 8394), Entertainment Attorney (Production Contracts, Theater Law, Clearances)
  • Ilyssa Goodman: Film Distribution Strategist / Name Cast Advisor / Executive Producer.  You can work with her to build, cast, and produce your project from the ground up.
  • Christina Jo’Leigh : Line Producer who can help you correctly approach cast as well as help you budget, schedule, shoot, and post Prouce Your Film.
  • Shara Lerman : Entertainment Law & Securities Law (PPMs).
  • Centaurus : Fixed Price PPM & Legal Advice
  • Lawrence Danny: CPA & Former IRS Agent
  • California Lawyers for the Arts: Lawyers who help Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Screenwriters, etc.
  • Bevilacqua: Regulation CF Crowdfunding Attorney: These folks help people do the legal work (Form C, disclosure documents, business plan, and advise on legal promotion) for Reg CF campaigns.

Pitching, Funding, Casting, Producing Advice & Support for Producers

  • Franco Sama: Executive producer who helps people package, finance, produce, and release movies. IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2770874/
  • Steve Sirkis: Steve began his career as an attorney in New York working in financial law. While he no longer practices as an attorney, his background allows him to structure and advise on legal and financial aspects of a feature film, from inception and funding to production and distribution. Steve is currently the Chief Operating Officer at More Productions.
  • Beyond Reality Entertainment: Ed Lavelle and Martin Soole, co-founders Beyond Reality Entertainment, have an extensive background in developing and producing reality entertainment and documentary series for leading distributors.

Budgeting, Packaging, Production, Rights Sales & Distribution Advice & Support

  • Bridget Fitzgerald: SAG Actor, Writer, Producer.  She consults with People on the Production of SAG New Media series and has produced Audiobooks.
  • Christina Jo’Leigh : Expert Line Producer & Production Advisor:
  • Patrick G. Ingram: Expert Executive Producer for Funding, Casting, Production & Distribution
  • Steve Sirikis:  Executive Producer & Chief Operating Officer at MoreProd. (PPM)
  • Steve Miller: Film Marketing & Deliverables Advisor
  • Jonathan Harris: Ghost Writer & Script Doctor
  • WeScreenplay: Great Screenplay Coverage that is Cost Effective and Provides Bios on Each Reviewer
  • FilmFundingLA: Personal & Corporate Credit Services & SBA Loans to Purchase Production & Post Production Facilities (occasionally sponsors events)
  • RightsTrade: Sell Your Film or TV Episodes in 170+ Countries
  • Distribber.com: Sell Your Film to Hulu, Netflix, Cable Pay Per View, etc.

Film Analytics & Forecast Services

Production Insurance

  • www.FracturedAtlasInsurance.org Cost Effective E & O insurance, Workers Comp, General Liability, etc (minimum required for SAG casting) Suitable for Filmmakers producing Low Budget & Ultra Low Budget Projects, Working Writers, Screenwriters, Event/Play Producers, etc.
  • www.EventHelper.com Offers liability insurance you can use to rent locations.
  • Rowin Insurance Offering full production insurance which covers everything from delays caused by bad weather, illness or death of key actor or crew, as well as completion bonds.
  • Stunt Insurance: https://www.filmemporium.com/stunt-insurance