Entertainment Industry Events Expert List


Helpful Experts

These are all people I’ve worked with or vetted.  That said, you must do due diligence on everyone you choose to work with to produce, release, and market your work. 

Employment Services (Combined Payroll & Workers Comp)

Elite Placement Group: Producers can work with Elite to legally pay those working for them on and off set, and ensures they are covered by workers compensation. Great to work with on low budget shoots and documentaries. I strongly urge producers not to allow people to work on their projects for free or hire them under the table.


  • Paul S. Levine: Literary Agent (Books Only) / Entertainment Attorney / Book Licensing for Film Expert / Exceptional Expertise in Graphic Novels & Comic Books
  • Marc Pariser: Literary Agent formerly with CAA, ICM, William Morris, etc.  Now consults with and mentors writers to help them find exactly the right representation.

Lawyers: Company Formation, Securities/Investment, Tax Law, Entertainment Law

Pitching, Funding, Casting, Producing Advice & Support for Producers

Steve Sirkis: Steve began his career as an attorney in New York working in financial law. While he no longer practices as an attorney, his background allows him to structure and advise on legal and financial aspects of a feature film, from inception and funding to production and distribution. Steve is currently the Chief Operating Officer at More Productions.

Budgeting, Packaging, Production, Rights Sales & Distribution Advice & Support

  • Christina Jo’Leigh : Expert Line Producer & Production Advisor:
  • Patrick G. Ingram: Expert Executive Producer for Funding, Casting, Production & Distribution
  • Steve Sirikis:  Executive Producer & Chief Operating Officer at MoreProd. (PPM)
  • Steve Miller: Film Marketing & Deliverables Advisor
  • Jonathan Harris: Ghost Writer & Script Doctor
  • WeScreenplay: Great Screenplay Coverage that is Cost Effective and Provides Bios on Each Reviewer
  • FilmFundingLA: Personal & Corporate Credit Services & SBA Loans to Purchase Production & Post Production Facilities (occasionally sponsors events)
  • RightsTrade: Sell Your Film or TV Episodes in 170+ Countries
  • Distribber.com: Sell Your Film to Hulu, Netflix, Cable Pay Per View, etc.

Film Analytics & Forecast Services

Production Insurance

  • www.FracturedAtlas.com Cost Effective E & O insurance, Workers Comp, General Liability, etc (minimum required for SAG casting) Suitable for Low Budget & Ultra Low Budget Projects
  • www.EventHelper.com Offers liability insurance you can use to rent locations.
  • Rowin Insurance Offering full production insurance which covers everything from delays caused by bad weather, illness or death of key actor or crew, as well as completion bonds.