Expert Script Doctor & Ghost Writer Jonathan Harris

Many of the experts I’ve interviewed have offered to make themselves available to my members to provide support and advice.  None work for free but their consulting rates are reasonable and they will respond to short, polite, emails asking for advice and rates.  Always provide your phone number.  I get no compensation of any kind for providing referrals. Always remember that the entertainment industry is a very small town and people remember you and how you behave.  So it’s always in your business interest to be polite, professional, well-informed. Remember you can always email if you run into any trouble. 

Jonathan Harris ( fixes screenplays, converts books to screenplays, converts screenplays to books, and ghostwrite books and screenplays swiftly under work-for-hire agreements that give the customer the copyright on his work. If you don’t write swiftly or well, don’t have time to write a screenplay or book, or have a screenplay that just can’t seem to get the good coverage it needs to get produced, you will find this an interesting interview.  It cover process, costs, and copyright issues. If you enjoy this interview, you’ll enjoy all the information posted at  We do online and face-to-face events for writers, actors, and filmmakers every month.