Expert Screenplay Coverage: provides very swift, very cost effective, screenplay coverage. They also provide scores not just for your script, but for the reader as well (which means if your script is read by someone who never gives out high scores, their analytics software will weight the score so it fairly rates your screenplay).  They provide a biography for all readers and will let you order multiple coverage reports at a discount.

NOTE: Many of the experts I’ve interviewed have offered to make themselves available to my members to provide support and advice.  None work for free but their consulting rates are reasonable and they will respond to short, polite, emails asking for advice and rates.  Always provide your phone number.  I get no kickback or revenue share for providing referrals. Always remember that the entertainment industry is a very small town and people remember you and how you behave.  So it’s always in your business interest to be polite, professional, well-informed. Remember you can always email if you run into any trouble.