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How to Protect Your Ideas, Your Work, and Yourself as an Entertainment Industry Professional

As a creative professional, your income comes from the work you can create and sell. Errors you make in the earliest days of your career, or in the earliest days of a project, can have long lasting and expensive implications. These mistakes can cause you to lose control of what you have created, involve you in litigation, and put you personally and financially at risk.

The following in-depth recorded workshops and workbooks cover skills and information writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, and artists need to know in order to do business safely. For a limited time only, the links below give you a 50% discount off the purchase price. If you want to try an complete in-depth recorded workshop and workbook for FREE, just click here: Swiftly Selling Your Creative Work. If you are wondering about the quality of our resources, check out our 50+ 5-Star reviews on Alignable.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Primer for Creative Pros: Learn how to protect an idea, a screenplay, a story, a book, a character. Find out who really owns your film if your cinematographer isn’t under the right kind of contact. Learn what protect actors when it comes to the use of their image or voice. This is a critical practical primer for writers, screenwriters, producers, publishers, performers, musicians, and graphic artists. It’s particularly important for publishers and producers who earn a living by commissioning and/or acquiring the rights of others.

Contract Fundamentals with Attorney Justin Sterling: Successful, hardworking, entertainment industry pros can easily make more business deals in a year than most people do in a lifetime. They need to understand contract fundamentals because agreements don’t have to be in writing in order to be enforced. Words you say face to face, messages you send in email, and conversations you have on the phone can all create a contract that can control you and your work. Furthermore, some contracts you make and some others try to make with you, may not be enforceable. if you don’t understand contract fundamentals you put yourself at a serious disadvantage everytime you negotiate a deal. This video, featuring a practicing attorney, covers fundamentals that will help you for a lifetime.

Avoiding Litigation with Attorney Justin Sterling: Perhaps the biggest mistake a creative professional can make is to get involved in litigation that could have been avoided from the start. Lawsuits cost time and money, impact your reputation, and can cost you control of your work going forward. Most litigation can be avoided, and this video and primer gives you the skills and understanding you need to steer clear of trouble going forward.

The Art & Science of Due Diligence: When studios, investors, and other big players sign a contract, they have done their due diligence first. They have researched the people they are doing business with so the chance of curve balls from left field destroying what they are trying to build is minimal. This video and workbook helps you learn how to do what they do so you can protect your work. It also helps you understand how people will research you before involving you in big projects. Learn how to get the answers you need to protect yourself and your work.

Development Hell & How to Avoid and End It: When you are a screenwriter and you’ve finally optioned your screenplay, or you are a producer and you think you’ve finally got the greenlight from a major investor or studio, it can be tragic to discover you’ve fallen into development hell. When you are an actor who has put a career on standby waiting for your big break, development hell can cost you role after role after role. This limbo can last months or years, and waiting for it to end can cost you a career. Learn what development hell is and how to avoid and end it in the video and workbook.

Legal Issues Involved in Telling True Stories with Attorney Justin Sterling: When you are telling a true story, even your own life story, there are rules about what you can say and can’t say. This workshop helps you understand what you need to know in order to create stories, books, documentaries, narrative films, and series based on real people and real events.

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