How to Make Movies Quickly & Profitably ($10,000 to $1M+)

It is completely possible to spend many years and many thousands of dollars trying to produce a movie that never gets made. It’s also possible to produce a film and find it impossible to sell profitably. Ill-conceived and poorly planned films involve producers, screenwriters, actors, and others in litigation.

The following in-depth recorded workshops and workbooks cover the skills and information you need in order to make profitable movies swiftly. The links below give you a 50% discount off the purchase price. If you want to try an complete in-depth recorded workshop and workbook for FREE, and want to learn a lot about your distribution options get How to Guarantee Distribution for Your Film or Series. If you are wondering about the quality of our resources, check out our 50+ 5-Star reviews on Alignable.

How to Make a Feature Film for $10,000: It is perfectly possible to make a feature film or documentary you can sell at a profit and this set of expert videos and workbooks covers what you need to know. Making feature film is a far better investment than producing a short film from both a credit or financial standpoint. The procedures and resources covered in this set of resources will work for almost any non-union film even if the budget climbs up over $100,000. Many successful producers make a good living producing project after project in this ballpark. And the skills you learn making and selling a feature at this budget level are incredibly helpful when you move on to making higher budget movies.

How to Make a Profitable Feature Film for $1M+: As the budget for your film climbs, you end up working with investors and banks to raise the money you need to produce them. You end up working with unions to get the talent you need to ensure the film makes it’s money back. You have to work with attorneys and agents, have to understand and obey SEC laws, Tax Laws, and all the laws that govern every business in order stay out of expensive legal trouble. You have to employ people legally, make sure they have the right insurance, and make sure investors and others get paid on the back end. The many expert videos and workbooks in this recorded workshop cover what you need to know about developing your film, attaching name talent, funding it by finding and working with investors, dealing with banks, producing, editing, and distributing a feature film that costs between $1M-$10M to make.

How to Write Feature Film & Feature Documentary Business Plans & Pitch Decks that Investors Love: If you are struggling to write a business plan or create a pitch deck, or the ones you have created seem to turn funders off, this recorded workshop and step by step videos will make things much easier. You receive step-by-step guidance, sample business plans and workbooks, and videos that cover what you need to do and why. They will cover the many ways you can use versions of these documents to develop, cast, fund, and get distribution for your work, and the how to avoid legal hot water when you provide hem to potential investors.

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