Renting Locations & Building Audiences

You really can’t have a successful career as a writer, screenwriter, performer or filmmaker unless you actively build an audience that loves your work.  Sometimes people will hire you, or buy your media, or cast you and you’ll gain a few fans through their promotion, but for the most part fast growth in folks who love you comes when you produce and market your own readings, plays, films, etc.  To do that, you need cheap locations.

Booking and insuring locations is a straightforward, easy, and cheap process if you know what you’re doing.  To learn how to book the kind of locations you need for the kinds of work, and master many other skills you need to produce media and events profitably, go to

As a writer or screenwriter, wouldn’t it be nice to host a reading of a screenplay or a story every quarter or every month?  Wouldn’t that be a great thing to invite producers, agents, managers, and publishers to? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could showcase the work of other writers from time to time? Or maybe you’d rather just launch a podcast where you bring people in to be interviewed or to perform. If you can get locations easily, those are things you can do.

If you are a filmmaker, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could produce a lot more sellable content a lot more quickly? What if you could produce a feature documentary or a docu-series or a microbudget feature two or three times a year.  That’s possible if you have lots of locations you can legally bring cast and crew to.

If you are a performer, do you want to be sure you’ll have five or ten good gigs a year? If you have locations where you can put up a spoken word event, film the scenes of a good short, or make a good microbudget feature, then you have some control over the content you’re seen in.

Solving the “location problem” makes a whole lot of wonderful things easy for you to do, and it gives you networking and performance options you don’t otherwise have.

To learn how to book the kind of locations you need for the kinds of work you do go to


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