Podcast Supporting Filmmakers, Writers, Screenwriters and Other Creative Pros

If you are looking for ongoing advice and support, check out AudioIron, my podcast for creative professionals

I’ve been earning a living as a writer/producer for about thirty years, and I’ve been providing professional instruction and support for creative professionals for about the same length of time.  I’ve taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, School for Creative Startups among many others. If you have any interest in my professional background, check me out on Linkedin.

If you want immediate help and support for free, sign up for my AudioIron Podcast where you’ll find 50+ hours of practical advice and support that cover everything from how to network correctly to interviews with producers reps and agents among others. There’s even advice up there on how to start a podcast and why you should if you are a writer or screenwriter. I add more resources all the time. If you are using an Android Device and want to listen to podcasts, you can find it on Google Play or you can go here.

If you want live, in-depth, interactive online workshops with videos, workbooks, and personal support check out NancyFultonMeetups.com. If you live in LA you’ll find my face-to-face meetups listed there as well.  The following resources deliver several hours of instruction and come with written step-by-step guides designed to deliver skills you need to achieve important business objectives.

If you have questions about these resources, please email me at nancy@audioiron.com.  I look forward to hearing from you:)

Author: Nancy Fulton