Creating Web Series, Podcasts and Audiobooks an Interview with Actor/Writers/Producer Bridget Fitzgerald

I recently interviewed Bridget Fitzgerald, an actress, comedienne, and model. She is also a member of National Lampoon’s sketch comedy team, making a sketch comedy podcast heard by half a million monthly listeners. If you are an writer or a performer wondering how podcasts and audio books can help build your career and bring you new opportunities, this is an important interview to listen to.  Members can get this video along with dozens of step by step workbooks, videos, and other resources designed to help people produce, write, publish, and perform profitably.

Bridget’s web series SmileyBridgeTV has had 1/4 million views, and she attributes some of that success to two audiobooks: “How I Exiled My Inner B*tch” which she acted in and “iHumpty” which she produced as well as acted in. You can learn more here: and

Her investment in producing audio content and a SAG New Media web series has helped her get more and better acting roles and writing gigs. It’s also allowed her to establish herself as a producer, co-producer, and director. She’s been asked to work as a judge in writing contests and consults with those producing web series, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Topics addressed in this interview include . . .

  • Why Hollywood Now Favors Actor/Writer/Producers, Actor/Producers, and Writer/Producers
  • Using Podcasts and Audiobooks to Generate Revenue
  • Hiring Union Actors for Podcasts and Audiobooks
  • The Process of Producing a SAG New Media Web Series
  • Finding and Creating New Business Relationships and Business Opportunities

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Author: Nancy Fulton