How to Write a Movie Business Plan & Pitch Deck (Feature Film or Documentary)

Writing a good film business plan is a straight forward and easy to understand process, and it’s something every filmmaker needs to learn in order to get support from investors, co-producers, and others who can help fund a project.

To get this recorded workshop, sample business plans, and pitch decks, and how to master the skills required to raise money from investors, get accurate budgets/shooting schedules, and guarantee distribution just sign up here:

You will learn:

  • A Fast, Easy-to-Follow Process for Building a Business Plan
  • How to Find or Create the Information You Need in Your Business Plan
  • How Business Plans Vary Based Upon Budget, Genre, and Funding Strategy
  • Techniques for Swiftly Writing Your Business Plan
  • Options for Formatting Your Business Plan
  • Sharing Your Business Plan with Others
  • How to Create an Easy to Present Pitch Deck Based on Your Business Plan
  • How to Guarantee Distribution for Your Project

You Get Immediate Access to the Following Documentation:

  • Step-by-step workbook that teaches how you to create your own film business plan
  • Sample feature film business plan
  • Sample feature film pitch deck.
  • Step-by-step workbook on how to make a profitable documentary
  • Sample documentary business plan
  • Sample documentary pitch deck
  • Video that covers exactly how to write a business plan and pitch deck.
  • Video that covers working with a line producer to get accurate budgets,
  • Video that covers hiring and insuring cast and crew nationwide legally and why its a critical thing to do right,
  • Video that covers how to get film analytics and financial forecasts your investors will trust
  • Video that covers how to absolutely good guarantee distribution for your film or documentary
  • Video & Written Guide on how to avoid litigation Featuring Attorney Justin Sterling
  • Guide on how to attach the right name name talent to your project.

Tip: The process of writing a solid film business plan helps filmmakers crystalize their project, fully define their plan, more accurately calculate the costs, risks, and benefits of their production, and avoid painful and expensive mistakes. Once you have a good film business plan, it is easy to create a pitch deck which makes the project easy to explain to others. When you have a good business plan finding financial support for your project is much easier.

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Author: Nancy Fulton