Getting Hired in Hollywood: An Important Practical Primer

Hollywood is a tiny community that mixes the most talented people in the world, the biggest companies on earth, and the most sophisticated techs and technologies to be found anywhere. It absolutely has it’s own rules. If you don’t learn them, you’ll find yourself routinely out of work or constantly getting burned.

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If you have the distinct impression that you just can’t make headway in Hollywood this Video and set of Lecture Notes will help you understand the mores and conventions that make working in the our Entertainment Industry much different from other cities, countries, or industries you may have been successful in.

Topics addressed:

  • Where and how to find paying work, really.
  • How to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are great at what you do so you can float to the top of your profession.
  • How to persuasively ask for a job and get it.
  • How to avoid getting burned by users, abusers, and incompetent people who don’t know what they are doing.
  • Mistakes people make that make them permanently unemployable.
  • The surest way to ensure you can make a good living doing what you want to do.

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Author: Nancy Fulton