Tips for Avoiding Litigation for Writers, Screenwriters, Filmmakers, Actors & Other Creative Minds with Attorney Justin Sterling

Creative professionals spend years on our work and getting tied up in years of litigation, or having our work taken from us because we made a bad deal, is a tremendous loss. This video teaches you business skills and practices that can help you side step a lot of legal hassles.

Justin Sterling is founder of The Sterling Firm, a full-service civil litigation and transactional law firm devoted to Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Personal Injury cases. The Sterling Firm is dedicated to helping clients obtain maximum compensation, achieve cost-effective legal solutions, and resolve legal conflicts efficiently. You can learn more about Justin at and

Topics addressed in this interview include.

  • 3 Myths People Believe About Litigation
  • 5 Mistakes People Make that Often Lead to Litigation
  • What to Do Business Deals Start to Fall Apart
  • Things to Say (and Avoid Saying) When Someone Offers to Sue You
  • Preparing to Win the Court Battles You Hope You Never Have
  • What to Do When Litigation (or Arbitration) is Inevitable

This interview is not meant to provide legal advice to people who are currently in litigation or who expect to find themselves in court soon. It’s meant to help filmmakers, writers, screenwriters, and business owners adopt good business practices that will help them do business going forward.

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Author: Nancy Fulton