Learn How to Make a Profitable Movie Anywhere for Under $100K / Covers Funding, Budgeting, Cast, Crew, Getting #Distribution ($20 today, save 80%)

Learn how to produce your ultra low budget feature film or documentary swiftly, safely, and profitably here:   https://gumroad.com/l/ultralowbudgetfilm/producer61

You get 10+ Hours of In-Depth Instructional Video with expert advice, tips, tricks, and traps to avoid. Multiple step-by-step printable, workbooks to help you design, develop, fund, and produce a feature film or feature documentary for under $100k.

You learn:

  • How to write or buy a good screenplay that you can produce within your budget.
  • How to swiftly, accurately and usefully storyboard your project so you can significantly reduce your production costs through stock footage, “found footage,” and other techniques.
  • How to cast your project with talented actors and actresses at prices you can afford and on terms you can live with while not breaking the law.
  • How to budget your project’s shoot days using breakdown sheets and day-out-of-day schedules.
  • How to find local, high value, locations you can shoot at cheaply.
  • Acquiring a skilled camera and lighting crew on terms you can afford.
  • Setting up your production company, acquiring production, liability, and other insurance at rates you can afford.
  • Insuring you own the rights to the film you shoot so you can sell it to others.
  • How to guarantee release for your film on Amazon and possibly Hulu, Netflix, cable pay per view, etc.
  • How to market your film swiftly and profitably to the people who want it most.
  • How to fund your project through credit, loans, investment and crowdfunding.
  • How to work with investors and how that changes your costs.
  • What to do with extra money if you happen to have it.
  • Fundamentals of contract law.
  • Intellectual property right fundamentals every producer needs to know.
  • Specific business practices that can help you avoid litigation and prevail if you are sued or have to sue someone else.
  • And specific techniques for designing, developing, budgeting, and producing a documentary swiftly.

If you are looking for a practical, step-by-step, rational guide to producing an ultra low budget feature film or documentary swiftly and safely which has the maximum probability of being profitable, you’ll find this guide very useful.

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— Pamela Davis

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— Susan Shearer

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“ Nancy’s Film Funding Club is very valuable. Always lots of great information. It’s very obvious that she puts a lot of work into these seminars for us (slide shows, audio recordings, coordinating guest speakers, etc.). I am very grateful and appreciative to her and her guests for their time and talent to help further our careers. ”

— Jodi

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— Camille Bacos

About the Film Funding Club: “ I’m thoroughly enjoying this club. I wish I had found out about it way earlier, I’d be way ahead of the game. I would recommend this club to anyone who truly wants to learn the business aspect of the film industry. ”

— Reinaldo D’Amico

Author: Nancy Fulton