Learn How to Make a #Movie Step-by-Step Guide & Video Workshop. Covers #Investors, #Development, #Production, #GuaranteeingDistribution $20 Now (Save 80%)

If you’re working to produce a feature film with a budget between $100K and $10M, you’ll find this practical course covers information you need to know, specifically. You can get the full course and support via email now for $20 at https://gumroad.com/l/indiefilmguide/producer61.

  • Accepting Money from Investors
  • Working with Lenders
  • Hiring SAG/AFTRA Actors
  • Dealing with IATSE, Teamsters and Other Unions
  • Depending on State Incentive Programs for Some of Your Budget

You get . . .

  • 12+ Hours of video covering, step-by-step, how to develop, produce, fund, and distribute a profitable feature film with a budget between $100K and $10M featuring Nancy Fulton and Multiple Industry Experts in Production, Distribution, Intellectual Property Rights, working with SAG & other unions, etc.
  • 32-Page in-depth step-by-step Producing a Profitable Film Workbookproviding instructions on how to limit your risk and cost as you build and vet a project, and how to maximize its profitability as you decide to go forward.
  • Multiple guides on Raising Money from InvestorsIntellectual Property FundamentalsCasting Name TalentBack-End Deal Arrangements, Fundamentals of Contract Law every Producer needs to know, etc.

You learn . . .

  • How to Acquire a Screenplay if you don’t already have one through Option, Purchase, or Hiring a Professional Ghostwriter to Turn Your Story into a Film Script. This covers registration and screenplay clearance issues.
  • How to Swiftly Guarantee Your Screenplay is Good Enough to Interest Investors and Leading Actors Love the Roles
  • How to Determine the Economic Value of Your Screenplay and the Budget at which it Should Be Produced so you aren’t producing a film at a budget too high or too low to get profitably made
  • How to Get an Accurate Budget, Shooting Schedule, and Day out of Days for Your Film that’s SAG Compliant, including solutions those producing very small projects can use to do the job themselves as well as where to find professionals to create budgets for you.
  • How to Approach and Attach Key Cast for Your Project both directly and with a casting director, and how to know which way is best for your film.
  • How to Guarantee Distribution For Your Film including Theatrical Release, Foreign Rights Sales, and Digital Distribution
  • How to Write a Film Business Plan and Create a Film Pitch Deck quickly and cost effectively.
  • Intellectual Property Fundamentals You Need to Know to Safely Produce, Market, Release, License, and Sell your film.
  • Raise Money from Investors including how to set up the right kind of company or corporation (and why you need one), and get a Private Placement Memorandum if you need one.
  • Approach Distributors to get Minimum Guarantees and Work With Film Finance Companies, etc.
  • Acquire Production Insurance and Completion Bonds.
  • How to Acquire Sales Agents, Producers Reps, Executive Producers, and co-Producers who will ensure your film is professionally produced and profitably distributed.
  • Make sure Back End Deals are Honored through Collection Account Management Companies so you can more easily avoid legal issues with investors and back end participants.
  • How to Avoid Litigation by adopting a specific set of good practices which reduce the chance you’ll be sued or have to sue someone else, and by increasing the probability you’ll prevail if you do have to sue.

A note from Nancy Fulton, founder of NancyFultonMeetups.com:

I created this workshop to give filmmakers a set of skills they can use to build a project from the ground up.  

There’s an order in which you should undertake the steps in the filmmaking process that limit your risk and maximize your probability of producing a profitable film. 

If you have questions as you work through this workshop you can always email them to me at nancy.fulton@yahoo.com. If I can’t answer your question I can usually refer you to someone who can. 


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Author: Nancy Fulton