Contract Fundamentals for Filmmakers & Other Media Pros featuring Attorney Justin Sterling #Filmschool for #Filmmakers

In this in-depth video Justin Sterling provides a comprehensive introduction to contract fundamentals for those working in media and the entertainment industry.  You can watch the video now at

If you are a writer, producer, or actor this is a critical video for you to watch. It will help you:

  • Avoid making contracts by accident that give other people control of your projects by accident
  • Avoid unwanted legal entanglements that give people rights to your work and the income it produces that can’t be terminated even when they don’t make good on their commitments.
  • What to do when people change the terms of a deal at the last minute and you have no option but to accept those terms.
  • Understand the elements of a contract and when a contract exists between two people even when it hasn’t been written down and signed by both parties.
  • Know when you absolutely must bring a lawyer on board to help you create an agreement with a co-writer, co-producer, contractors, employees, etc.

This primer for media makers is not a replacement for working with a lawyer to make good agreements and it should not be relied upon for legal advice.

But it is a very good introduction to principles you should know if you are writing, publishing, producing, or working for others in the entertainment industry as a contractor of service provider.

Author: Nancy Fulton