How to Produce and Sell Reality TV and Docu-Series #RealityTV

Ed Lavelle and Martin Soole, co-founders Beyond Reality Entertainment, have an extensive background in developing and producing reality entertainment and documentary series for leading distributors. 

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Topics covered include:

  • Reality Show Development & Financing
  • Documentary Series Development & Financing
  • Where and How this Content is Sold
  • Traps to Avoid

This is the perfect event to attend if you want to write, direct, or produce reality-based profitably. You can attend this event by computer, iPhone, Android Phone, or standard telephone.

About Beyond Reality Entertainment

Ed Lavelle and Martin Soole co-founded Beyond Reality Entertainment in early 2015 after successful careers working for others to create market-leading content.  

Ed has worked his way up through the ranks – Production Managing and Line Producing on shows such as Big Brother, America’s Next Top Model, The Apprentice and Homeland Security USA.  He has worked for years with award winning producers such as Arnold Shapiro and Rich Bye. In March 2009, Ed helped launch a production company that produced dozens of television projects: series, pilots and presentations for networks such as Bravo, Lifetime, National Geographic, and Animal Planet, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Scott Free Productions and The Weinstein Company.

A week after graduating from The Webster Conservatory of the Arts in St. Louis, Martin moved to NYC where he steadily worked for six years in film, T.V., and theater. He counts work on Hope and Faith, One Life to Live, Shameless for Showtime, Black Box, the feature Platinum, and the film, Love Scene, which won awards at the Tribeca, Beverly Hills, New Orleans, Charleston, Hollywood, and the London Film Festivals, among his many credits. Martin landed in L.A and worked as an associate for Paul Ruddy, C.S.A. (Casting) for three years. He helped cast content for international brands and established media companies. He also cast feature films that went on to win accolades at film festivals and receive worldwide distribution. Martin landed a position as a producer in charge of development for the action sports drama “#Speedball”, which was optioned.

Ed and Martin are actively marketing several scripted and non-scripted projects. Check out the The Chip, a book they are currently developing into a feature film which has a killer trailer to review.

About Nancy Fulton

Nancy Fulton  has been writing, producing, and publishing profitably for more than 20 years. She enjoys teaching and has taught for UCLA, the Art Institute & School for Creative Startups in the UK. She currently offers face-to-face and online events to 25,000+ writers, producers, performers, media app developers, and other creative entrepreneurs every month. You can learn a lot more about some of her work at


Author: Nancy Fulton