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This is just a quick heads up to let you know I’ve made my Guide to Creating and Releasing iPhone and Android Applications in Under 30 Days Without Learning How to Program free for a limited time. If you’ve ever wanted to create an app to promote your film, web series, performances, music, books, etc, this guide and audio recording can save you tens of thousands of dollars and months (or years) of your time. Just click the link below.

Tip: Using an app to promote and distribute the audio, video, text, and services you create lets you stay in control of that work. The app also lets you connect directly to your customers without going through email. 

Feel free to share the link with others if you think they might find it useful. There’s no hype or upsell, and I don’t get a kickback from anyone I mention in the work.  I’m just sharing a solution I like.

If you are a producer, click the link below to get a full course in Producing an Under $100K Feature Film or Web Series for $20 for a limited time only. It covers production, funding, distribution, legal issues, etc. It delivers more than ten hours of easy to watch video training, multiple printable workbooks and guides, and I’ll answer your questions free via email for 30 days.

If you are Producing a Film with a Budget of $100K-$10M, you’ll find the link to the training below more useful. It covers working with SAG, casting name talent, production, distribution, funding, legal issues, etc. The rules are different for bigger budget productions because you will almost certainly be working with unions and investors and you’ll almost certainly be getting some of your funding from rebates, incentives, and loans based upon distribution agreements. You’ll get 10+ hours of video training, step-by-step guides, sample documents, and other printable resources for $20, and once again I’ll answer questions free via email for 30 days.

Visit to find out about several events we have coming up next week and in July. All are free or very affordable.

If you run into any trouble getting the free guide on how to create apps, or the 80% discounts on the other training, just email I look forward to being of service to you.

I very much enjoy supporting creative entrepreneurs in their work, and I hope you have the most excellent day.

Best Wishes,

Nancy Fulton

Author: Nancy Fulton