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  • Free NOV 15 @ 4:30PM Friendly Hollywood Happy Hour on Sunset Blvd
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  • NOV 19 @ 7PM How to Book Locations for Feature Film, Documentary, Short Film, Podcast,  Audiobook and Live Event Production (Live Online Workshop)
  • NOV 26 @ 7PM PST How to Thrive in Hollywood by Building a Paying Audience (Live Online Workshop)
  • Free NOV 29 @ 5PM-7PM Friendly Creatives Hollywood Happy Hour
    Space is limited. RSVP Here
  • DEC 3 @ 2PM How to Book Guests for Video Interviews, Podcasts, Live Events & Conference Calls (Lunch Meeting Santa Monica)
  • Free DEC 6 @ 1PM PST Book & Film PR Fundamentals with Bruce Wawrzyniak CEO of Now Hear This Inc. (Live Online Workshop)

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About Nancy Fulton:  Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer and serial entrepreneur who has been profitably creating and selling content for more than twenty years. She’s taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, Autodesk, and International Entrepreneur training programs. Her work can be found on Amazon and on sites worldwide. For more information, visit