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March 21 @ 7pm: Free Conference Call Event: Literary Agent Megan Close Zavala from Keller Media | Click here to get the Recorded Event Now (use the promo code nancyfultonmeetups to get it for free)

Events Coming Up

March 30 @ 7pm: Free Online Seminar The Art & Science of Publishing a Book That Sells Well | RSVP Here

April 8 @ 10am: Producing the Ultra Low Budget Feature Profitably & Fast | Full Day Workshop. Use the promo code NancyFultonMeetups to attend for $25. Limited Time Only.

April 9 @ 10am: Professional Insights: Derek Vasconi Best Selling Author | One Author’s Journey in Building an Author Platform & Writing a Great First Book

April 9 @ 12pm: Professional Insights: Screenwriter, Playwright, Author Scott Fivelson | An Insider’s Look at an Industry Writer’s Life

April 9 @ 2pm: Literary Agent Paul Levine Interview | Finding the Right Representation

April 17 @ 12pm Producing a Profitable Feature Film $1M-$4M Remote Workshop | Four Session Online Workshop with Full Documentation & Sample Docs, Live/Interactive Lectures and Guest Lecturers | Use the coupon code NancyFultonMeetups to sign up for $20 instead of $100. Limited Time Only

April 20 @ 7pm: Free Conference Call Meetup Guarantee Correct Revenue Split w/ Collection Account Management with David Zannoni | Important for Producers & Anyone Who Works for Deferred or Partially Deferred Payment.

May 6 @ 10am: Myth & Active Imagination Workshop Writers/Screenwriters | Dr. S. Fontana / Face-to-Face Event based on the work of Carl Jung

Get Step-by-Step Guides and Resources

  • (Get Notes) | Where to Find Investors & How to Legally Take Their Money (Video / Guide & 50 + Pages of Additional Resources )
  • (Get Notes) | Crowdfunding & Presales: How to Sell What Doesn’t Exist includes (Guide and 90 minutes of Audio)
  • (Get Notes) | Profitable Direct Distribution Strategies:  How to Profitably Distribute Films with Production Budgets without Sales Agents or Distribution Companies (Guide & Video)
  • (Get Notes) | The Science of Effective Press Release PR | Learn how to use press releases to promote yourself and your work swiftly and effectively (Guide & Video)
  • (Get Notes) | Growing Fast with Effective Social Media Marketing: Learn how to swiftly grow your audience and reach your customers through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. (Guide & Video)
  • (Get Notes)| Intellectual Property Fundamentals:  How Filmmakers, Authors, Screenwriters & Others Protect their Work (Guide)
  • (Get Notes) | What’s a Producer to Do: A Producer’s Task List | A solid primer on what you need to do to produce your film or web series w/ 90 Minutes of Audio.
  • (Get Notes) |Filmmakers & the IRS with CPA & Former IRS Agent Lawrence Danny: Tax Incentives for Filmmakers & Their Investors, Investors and the IRS, Mistakes to Avoid / Section 181
  • (Get Notes) | Building Credibility in a Week: Teaching Google to How Find & Recommend You (Guide)
  • (Get Notes) | The Subtle Psychology of Why People Buy What They Buy for Writers, Filmmakers, Screenwriters & Working Entrepreneurs (Guide)
  • (Get Notes) | Fictional Characters w/ Real Mental Illness |A Recipe for Great Books & Scripts (Guide)
  • (Get Notes) | Why Your Corporate Structure Really Matters  | Read this before you set up your production company (Guide)

About Nancy Fulton:  Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer and serial entrepreneur who has been profitably creating and selling content for more than twenty years. She’s taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, Autodesk, and International Entrepreneur training programs. Her work can be found on Amazon and on sites worldwide. For more information, visit www.linkedin.com/in/nancyfulton.

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