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(FREE TODAY) WHAT TO DO DURING THE PANDEMIC TO EARN MORE NOW AND AFTER IT’S OVER  If you are feeling stuck, powerless, or frustrated, this set of advanced, step-by-step, resources will fix that. It’s also a good way to get a feel for the kind of in-depth help we provide.

(FREE TODAY) USING SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS TO SELL YOUR CREATIVE WORK  Tired of not knowing how to sell your creatively via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc? Want to use social media to sell to more than just your family and friends? This set of resources delivers the answers you need.

(50% OFF TODAY) PRACTICAL INSTRUCTION ON THE BUSINESS OF SCREENWRITING : This is an in-depth workshop covering what new screenwriters need to know in order to write, protect, and sell their work. 13+ Videos and Workbooks and 1-to-1 support via email to answer your questions. If you want to start writing screenplays professionally, this is the fastest and most affordable way to start.

(50% OFF TODAY) HOW TO PRODUCE A $10,000 – $100,000 FEATURE FILM ANYWHERE : This set of 16+ resources teaches you how to produce an affordable feature film anywhere in the US that you can sell for a profit.  It covers the legal, budgeting, scheduling, production and distribution tools, techniques, and resources you need to know to start producing right away.  It also addresses issues related to filming during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Christine Dupree / Hot Romantic Enterprises“All her videos and papers are so excellent and useful for entrepreneurs!”

Paul Levine / Entertainment Attorney & Literary Agent – “The best at running networking and educational events!”

Duke Miller / Miller-Gregson Productions, Inc“I’ve had the pleasure to be associated with Nancy since she was doing “Meet Ups” in Santa Monica. She has always been quick to provide useful and timely information and knows her stuff. As a producer, I can tell you that Nancy is the real deal and highly recommend her. “

Kathryn Rishoff / Rishoffwrites “Nancy Fulton is a walking encyclopedia of information when it comes to writing and publishing, from novels to film she is an expert in all aspects from editing to contracts, to cover design, to pitch sessions, there is simply nothing this woman doesn’t know. She is accessible and engaging. She is the single greatest source for any questions you might have regarding writing, film and the intricacies involved.”

Karen Campbell – CEO/Founder of Community Counts“Nancy is one of the most remarkable teachers I have ever experienced. Why do I say this? As a former teacher, I am aware of the skills and abilities that make a great instructor. She can break down a complex concept so that everyone from a diverse background will understand. Nancy is available to anyone who wants to follow up with her after her class. She is a networking Queen. I have made some great contacts in her class. “

Steven Miller / Strategic Media“Nancy is a wealth of knowledge and is the most impressive net worker I know. She is genuine and generous. But mostly, she is just a great person who is as good as it gets. You can have confidence in her without question. I’m lucky to know her.”

David Willis Producer / Director / Writer at United States Motion Picture Company – Nancy is an endless cornucopia of knowledge of the film industry. In a space where there is so much incorrect information, she is a great source of real and practical knowledge. Whether you’re brand new to the biz or just looking to brush up on a particular subject — she’s your gal!

Veleka Gray Actor / Screenwriter / Instructor — I’ve been signing up for Nancy’s Webinars for several years now, and she consistently offers outstanding content and value. If you want a straight shooter to give you the facts on almost any aspect of show business, Nancy is your woman. I’m so happy I found such a great advisor!

Mark Hackman Veteran; Speaker; Start-Up/Business Advisor; Success Coach; Direct Sales & Network Marketing Consultant — I had the extraordinary opportunity to work very closely with Nancy for over 2 years, and during that time formed some very strongly held opinions about her and how she presents herself to the world….as a team member, as an entrepreneur, and as a human being. A list of attributes that comes to mind immediately includes brilliant, articulate, decisive, relentless, direct and outspoken with a refreshing sense of humor. Nancy’s passion for creativity and breaking new ground reveals itself in everything she does, and her unwillingness to compromise on even the smallest detail speaks to her commitment to her integrity and long-term vision for creating value in everything she does. As the “point person” of an exceptionally vibrant and talented team of Business Advisors and Mentors, Nancy leads by example, unflinchingly takes responsibility for the results of her team, and assures a working environment that encourages free thinking and unabashed creativity. In summary, Nancy’s strength of character, in combination with her extraordinary skill-sets and commitment to excellence, make her a prime candidate for any team or project that seeks nothing short of absolute success.

Jeff Bordeaux Helping People Ditch The “Too Cheap To Be Smart” Mentality @ Feedonomics Nancy was very fun and cool to work with as a producer. Always smiling, her infectious attitude sent waves across the room. She was also very fair and treated everyone she came across with respect.

Deborah Hadfield Film Writer/Director Nancy is one of the most intelligent and hard-working people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. As a producer, she is incredibly creative about how to get the job done and produce the most impressive results. Naturally talented people gravitate to Nancy…

Tatjana Torkel (BIG LION 3000+) Success and Goal orientated Entrepreneur and Developer. Nancy is a very self-confident and knowledgeable film producer. She has been helping me with editing my Film Script Winner of evolution. Nice to work with and delivers on time.

Garry Hargreaves Online Learning Specialist at VET. Nancy Fulton first developed an intensive and totally customized 3D Modelling and Animation training program for me in late 1992 – pre Web. I traveled from Australia to Santa Monica for the program as she was the most knowledgeable and preeminent instructor I could find on the topic. Nancy has to be one of the most intelligent, professional, and gifted writer/instructors I had the pleasure of meeting. Given her skills set the move to film production, screenwriting is an obvious one. I have no hesitation in recommending Nancy and you would be well advised to meet and talk with her.

Mike Williams, M.F.A.Senior Asset Artist at The Third Floor Nancy is a great Instructor and a great Colleague. She helped me get into UCLA as an Instructor. Her knowledge of the software and material is second to none. I have heard nothing but great comments about her teaching and her classes.

About Nancy Fulton:  Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer and serial entrepreneur who has been profitably creating and selling content for more than twenty years. She’s taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, Autodesk, and International Entrepreneur training programs. Her work can be found on Amazon and on sites worldwide. For more information, visit