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Upcoming Events

  • JAN 15 @ 7PM: Language & Thought Control: Creating Persuasive Speech & Media with insights from Jung, Erickson, Lakoff & Bernays  (LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP) Sign up here:
  • JAN 17 @ 4:30-6:30 Creative Pro Happy Hour on Sunset Blvd (FACE-TO-FACE NETWORKING EVENT) Sign up here:
  • JAN 22 @ 7PM Profitable Production, Licensing & Distribution of Independent Media with Ron Cobert, Sunscope Entertainment, CEO (LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP) Sign up here:
  • JAN 26 @ 1PM to 3PM The Method: How Actors Learn to Act for Producers Screenwriters, and Writers (FACE-TO-FACE WORKSHOP IN HOLLYWOOD)
  • FEB 16: The Ordinary World & The Call to Adventure: Finding Your Story Idea and Premise / Dr. Skyler Madison Fontana has been attending my events for three years and, as a Jungian Psychologist, has been actively developing coursework for writers, screenwriters, playwrights, and memoir writers based upon Jung’s Dangerous Method and Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.  Note, I’m not running this event, but I will be attending. Learn more about her important workshop here:

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About Nancy Fulton:  Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer and serial entrepreneur who has been profitably creating and selling content for more than twenty years. She’s taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, Autodesk, and International Entrepreneur training programs. Her work can be found on Amazon and on sites worldwide. For more information, visit